+++ 37mm-servomotor with absolut encoder +++ sps smart production solutions - November 26th-28th, 2019 +++



Brochures Standard Motors IE4 (ca. 0,6 / 0,8 MB)
Brochure Series MPM (1,1 - 30,0kW) Design 2016

Brochure Series MPM (1,1 - 16,0kW) Design 2012

Brochures Synchronous Servomotors (ca. 0,3 / 1,2 MB)
Brochure Series MN

Brochure Series MT-MTK

Manuals Standard Motors IE4 (ca. 2,6 / 2,7 MB)
Manual Series MPM (1,1 - 30,0kW) Design 2016 (V II/16)

Manual Series MPM (1,1 - 16,0kW) Design 2012 (V I/17)

Manuals Synchronous Servomotors (ca. 1,2 / 27,0 MB)
Manual Series MN (V I/18)

Manual Series MT-MTK (V I/18)

Presentation Standard Motors IE4 (ca. 1,1 MB)
Presentation Series MPM

Drawings Standard Motors IE4 and Synchronous Servomotors
On request we like to provide you technical drawings (.pdf / .dxf / .step) by email or CD-ROM. Please contact us by phone +49-212-2 64 14 16. Thus we are able to provide you the appropriate drawing according to your request.


Declaration of Conformity / CE Declaration
On request available in printed and original version.

General Conditions for the supply of products and services of the electrical and electronics Industry (GL)
On request available in printed and original version.

Data Protection Statement of Merkes GmbH relating to the GDPR


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