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Welcome to Merkes GmbH

small motors for smart solutions

Synchronous Servomotors of series MN - MT - MTK

Standardized Servomotors

Today we mainly supply as a strategically partner automation and system houses, which in full or supplementary satisfy their own needs of motors out of our delivery program. The brand labelling of the servomotors incorporates these into the company’s own drive engineering and so the circle is completed right to the complete servo axis for use in the final application. But also the classical machine builders, no matter if small or medium sized companies or global players use our servomotors combined with servo amplifiers of either own production or bought in addition.

Customized Servomotors

Being one of the rare European Motor Producer we also develop and build customized servomotors of small and medium sized series. Hundreds of variants of windings and mechanical designs set our customers in a leading position by having their individual servomotor in comparison to the markets standard.

Super Premium Standard Motors IE4 of series MPM

By now better than IE4

The advanced motor concept of series MPM allows higher speed and torque in combination with a smaller motor design and lower losses. Even today the challenges of the future, for example efficency according IE5, are achieved. The synchronous motor technology in a classic standard motor housing fulfills the economic requirements and making it ideal for speed controlled operations or applications with high duty cycles and/or high partial loads. Four sizes cover the power range from 1,1 to 30 KW, reduces the number of types, cut down weight and save energy.

Super Premium Standard Motors IE4 - Serial design

The MPM Super Premium Standard Motors are brushless permanent magnet synchronous motors with back EMF. They have buried permanent magnets in the rotor. Designed for operation in star or delta connection at a frequency inverter with a supply voltage of 400 VAC, having a „Sensorless-Vector-Control“ regulatory procedure. The motor has no brushes, the commutation is electronically done by the corresponding inverter. A fan is mounted on the B-side of the shaft which provides a speed dependent cooling of the motor.

Super Premium Standard Motors IE4 - Special design

Based on the concept of the series MPM the flexible inhouse production of all components provides the possibility to build customized motors according the electrical and mechanical requirements of an application. Typically larger series are needful to take economical and technical advantages of the serial production.