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Merkes GmbH

Central Office

Sales policy, project service, marketing and order processing is done by Merkes GmbH at Solingen (Germany). Some three decades of practical experiences gained in the servo market are gathered here. Incoming orders for example for synchonous servomotors are implemented in that way that by means of the created type designation the production process is finally defined. Our customers receive the servomotors directly delivered out of the production. Standard Motors IE4 principally are on stock.

Production locations - Made in EU

At the European production locations synchronous servomotors and standard-motors are produced for decades in large series. Everything - the facilities, machinery, motor and production technologies, ISO 9001/2000 and “UL” - complies with the most modern international standards.

The production of the synchronous servomotors for example consists of approximately 150 employees and cares for outstanding quality products with extraordinary lead times. In 2016 it celebrates its 25 years anniversary.